A World Of Experiences

We provide a wide range of services directly to patients, healthcare institutions, eldercare and nursing homes, special needs institutions and the private sector. We have spent years building a reputation as a trusted supplier of client transport services. With a network of strategic partnerships, we offer excellent value and fast response to all clients.

Our services are built upon key strengths within the business, which is managed by an experienced team whom are committed to offer the best solution to transporting clients to and from a healthcare setting.

Driven by Client Care
Shalom MedCare’s team are fully trained and have a wealth of experience in patient transport. We put the client at the heart of everything we do, offering services that ensure client dignity, comfort and confidentiality.

We will ask for and act upon client feedback both at the end of the booking call and as part of the client’s journey to ensure our service levels are always improving.

Key Performance Indicators
With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we continually review and analyse our procedures and processes to increase our performance.

We continually monitor our staff, our training and our capabilities as a company and as a wheelchair accessible transport provider.

Our Team
All of our team are fully trained and will make every effort to understand the needs of the client ensuring a smooth and dependable journey. Our service crews are extensively trained to ensure consistency and reliability in all situations.

Patient Safety
Client’s safety is at the core of Shalom MedCare services. All service staff are well-equipped to guarantee the safety all clients. We urge clients to cooperate with our team and report any safety breaches to our hotline at +65 8442 9447.

To enquire about our wheelchair accessible transport service call us at (+65) 8442 9447.

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