FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Wheelchair Accessible Transport?
It is a non-emergency transportation service for wheelchair user to travel independently without the hassle of transferring out from their wheelchair.

2. How will the wheelchair be transported?

Firstly, the wheelchair together with the wheelchair user will either be lifted on to the vehicle via the hydraulic lift or pushed into the vehicle via a ramp.

Once the wheelchair user is onboard, the wheelchair will be anchored onto the floorboard of our vehicle using the safety restraints system, therefore the wheelchair will not move or tilt during transit.

It is mandatory for wheelchair user to put on their own seatbelt to prevent forward falling due to emergency brake. Our service crew will put on a seatbelt for the wheelchair user if their seatbelt is spoilt.

3. Do you provide bed to wheelchair transfer?

Yes, we do! Please check out our rates for more info.

4. Where can I find a wheelchair transport?

We are available to you island-wide! Give us a call and we will be there.

5. How much does wheelchair transport cost?

Typically, a wheelchair accessible transport cost around $30-$60 for a single trip.

6. Can I claim insurance for wheelchair transport?

Please check with your affiliated professional.

7. What are the transport subsidy available for person with disability (PWDs)?

Disclaimer: Please check with the relevant agency on the availability and the T&Cs of the subsidies listed below

List of transport subsidy available for PWDs:

  1. Taxi Subsidy Scheme
  2. Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme
  3. Enabling Transport Subsidy
  4. Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund
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